When Your Friends Turn Into Parents

February 23, 2018

Parenthood?! It seems like yesterday when I was writing college essays, waiting tables, and spending my weekends on jetskis. We were finding the trendiest happy hours and the coolest after-work spots all because we were 21 and we could.

Then BAM… Babies.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating and there actually was some more time in between. But it all begins to blur together at some point, amirite? We used to have nicknames for our individual friends, but now they go by new nicknames like Mom and Dad.

It’s happening. Parenthood is among us.

In retrospect, we had a damn good time in our young twenties. I went to college in Myrtle beach, NOT known for ugly scenery and boring weekends. I transferred to school there so I didn’t have the typical college experience. Nonetheless, I worked in restaurants and made friends with people who have both moved on from the beach as well as those who still call it home today. I spent one summer in a morning psychology class at school, then head to a water park or post a chair up on the beach with friends and the ocean waves. I’d grab an evening shift at the restaurant to make a quick buck. We’d get out of work, spend the night by the pool with a cooler of beer, and get up the next morning and do it all over.


Sometimes it’s downright frightening to think how fast life goes by.

But then again, the transition is pretty fascinating. This summer I went home to Connecticut followed by a visit to my old stomping ground in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina before making it back to Florida. During my trip, I met four… FOUR!!! ….cool new peeps under the age of one-year-old. That’s including one incognito in her mom’s belly, so not sure if that counts.


We still went to happy hour like old times. But nowadays, there’s a sitter at the house and mom-to-be on the right has one in the oven. (Can you even tell she’s prego, seriously, how good does she look?!)

We still hit up Myrtle Beach’s brew fests.

I’m not sure if Myrtle Beach is known for their craft beer, but they should be. We brought along the coolest little dude for this one:

With our sips of new flavors and watching him dancing (way cooler than me) to a live guitarist, it was a whole new kind of blast.

It’s wild looking back. If only I could whisper now to my 21-year-old self, floating on the pool raft on those summer nights:

See that couple right there? They’ll be married in a few short years. And that girl jumping in the pool? She’ll be jumping in after her kids soon. That group in the shallow end? They will be only your acquaintances that you see random news from on Facebook. The gang in front of you? They’ll be your lifelong friends.

To be honest, I’d probably say a few other things to my 21-year-old self, like who not to date and how many drinks is too many, but different blog post there.

During my Myrtle trip, I called up one of my old roommates.

She used to love to travel. I mean this girl was always somewhere and is easily the most cultured person I know. I lived with her for two years; Just her, me, a dog named Maddie and a cat named Tessa. I was ecstatic she answered the phone and I took a 2-hour drive down to the city of Charleston to see her and the new house. Check out this nursery for her 5-month-old and how it fashionably represents Mom’s traveling days.

Time makes us older… And not only us, but our pets. It’s comforting to see the ones still around, cats and dogs alike. But equally as heartbreaking to see the final days of the chocolate lab we used to walk around in his spunkier days. As I write this, Buster has passed, but his memories live on 

I made my way back up to Myrtle Beach, and one of the sweetest things I saw was my knockout-beach-bride friend teaching her two-year-old how to swim. It was such a proud feeling to see parenthood look so natural and beautiful on my friends. So yes, cookouts and nights out aren’t like they used to be. But as this new decade unfolds, I laugh at our old times and fully embrace these new memories in all of their dirty diaper and baby giggles alike. I can’t wait for more meetups with my friends-turned-parents and to watch these these small baby toes grow into bigger shoes.

Much love until next time  ♥ Carlie

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