About Me

Welcome to Tickle Me Thirty, a lifestyle blog based on the transitional period of leaving one decade and entering another. I’m Carlie, originally from the small state of Connecticut, “the gateway to New England.” At 18 I left the Northeast and lived in South Carolina. Later, I moved further south to Miami, where I got my masters in Physician Assistant studies. I made it through school, passed my boards,  traveled a bit, and returned to none other than New England herself. I am currently working in an ER located an hour northeast of Manhattan. As a new PA-C, some days my brain wants to explode (but in a good way ya know?!) Boring is the last word I’d use to describe my new career. Some may hate my chaotic work schedule, but it gives me the opportunity to travel in my downtime. I have a great lineup of incredible places this year, waiting to be explored, can’t wait to share them!

Tickle Me Thirty is where you’ll find my all-inclusive thoughts about what I find fun and/or beautiful in life, along with the occasional #$@*&%! words I feel guilty using on social media. It’s a creative space where I candidly share experiences and thoughts as my mind produces them. In other words, I welcome you to the scrambled eggs of my head. (That’s my fair warning – I can’t undo anything once it’s been read so X out now, or subscribe below, depending on your level of weirdness.)

Why I blog

I don’t think the world is in dire need of my two cents. Rather, I created this blog a few months shy of turning 30 to keep me energetically connected to my experiences and to connect with other like-minded beings on a deeper level. Now that I’m entering my thirties, vulnerability to me equals a richer connection that adds value to my life. And in the midst of it all, maybe I can make some lessons I’ve learned a little easier for anyone going through the same. I find it an incredible gift to have a career healing others and am open to sharing my experiences because I believe in leaving this world a little better place than how we found it. Ya feel me?!

What I blog about

You’re not going to find advice on skincare or fashion here because I need all the help I can get with both of those. This also isn’t a food blog because I would salivate every time I sit to write and let’s be honest, I’ve made some terrible decisions being  h-a-n-g-r-y.

Everything else is game. 

My Writing Style

If the following applies to you:

– you have the DNA of a human
– you have stumbled upon this blog

then there’s a fat chance you agree that you are sweet in some settings and off-the-wall-bonkers in others. Look we already have so much in common :o) 

Sometimes I want to talk about my love for genuine souls. Other days I’m really F-ing sarcastic and have the mouth of a sailor with a gnarly beard and an empty bottle of rum. Yet other days, you wouldn’t know I had a personality if I aired it out to dry because I hold myself to unrealistic expectations of staying professional and getting down to business. This is all apart of every new-30-year-old’s life, right? (Just say yes)

The consistency that I do promise is that this is a space where my posts will be unapologetically and authentically me. I hope that my heart of spontaneity, sensitivity, inappropriate humor, born-introvert and self-taught extrovert registers with you. If so, thank you for being my people.

Thanks for dropping by. May you love your life in all the experiences it brings you, no matter what decade you’re in.

Much love ♥

PS. Don’t be shy to comment your thoughts on any of my posts and share your world with me too!